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Not well known, nevertheless chartering a yacht in Alaska is an unforgettable experience through the

The very definition of wilderness, Alaska is the largest US state and the least populated. Visitors to the popular attractions are frequently left stunned by the beauty and majesty of the landscapes of glaciers and mountains. The warm haven of a yacht charter is the ideal way to discover Alaska but for lovers of the outdoors, there is plenty to do such as mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and kayaking.


North and South Sawyer glaciers

Some of the best views can be found in Tracy Arm fjord, not far from the state capital, Juneau.

Here the North and South Sawyer glaciers calve blocks of ice sometimes as large as a three-storey building. A destination where a good camera and binoculars are a must.


Frederick Sound

For whale lovers, the waters around the islands of Frederick Sound are often frequented by humpback whales breaching the water.


Red Bluff Bay

The steep-sided mountains fringing Red Bluff Bay are scored by numerous waterfalls and carpeted with thick forests of enormous pines. Sometimes when there is no wind the reflection of the surroundings on the surface of the bay is mirror-like. It’s not unusual to see brown bears foraging by the water’s edge. They are anticipating the flood of salmon, which arrives every August.


Hot springs on Baranof Island

On an island not far from Juneau Baranof Island is home to 9 thermal springs, where you can soak your cares away among nature and a tumbling waterfall.

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